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The True Inbox Zero app with Real Email Actions, Rules and Merge Templates
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AltaMail™ is the ultimate "inbox zero" app for both iPad and iPhone, which supports virtually all email accounts available. AltaMail is the only email app in the app store that enables you to "action" your email quickly and simply - not just sweep it under the carpet for another day.

With the lightning fast swipe actions built into AltaMail, not only can you quickly and easily file or archive your email to deal with later, but you can also take immediate action - like reply with a merge template and also create an instant rule that will automatically archive/file the email for you.

The rules engine in AltaMail is so powerful that you can create rules that will auto reply, auto file or archive and mark your email read the very second it hits your inbox!

Other productivity features include templates so you can create personalized mail merge or mailshots to send to custom groups of customers or social members. Also there are fully customized notifications so you never miss an important e-mail.


Independent Media Reviews

The Mac Observer: "AltaMail certainly makes me a believer, thus far I haven't found anything like AltaMail."

AppShouter: "this app expands the possibilities for mail on your phone"

iPhone Apps Finder: "a very solid business app - 9/10"


AltaMail - Best email app that has simple to use advanced features for iPad & iPhone

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Virtually all email accounts on both iPhone and iPad
  • Support for the vast majority of email accounts available including POP, IMAP, Exchange, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and many, many more
  • View all email accounts simultaneously
  • Action multiple emails across multiple accounts concurrently
  • Full account set-up wizard - just add email address and password
Inbox Zero
  • Lightning fast swipe actions to quickly file or archive email, reply, forward, reply with template, set reminders and much more
  • Reduce your inbox without even touching it - set up rules to auto reply, auto delete, auto file, set flags and lots more
  • Quickly view ALL new/unread email across ALL accounts by simply tapping on the new/unread email count
  • View, delete or move entire conversation threads with a single tap
  • Bulk delete, move, mark as read/unread, set reminders for multiple emails (or your entire inbox) with just two taps
  • Swipe to save emails to your cloud server or Evernote
  • Create fully automated rules to reduce your inbox without touching it!
  • Auto reply with a personalized template, auto delete, auto move to folder, auto mark as read/unread and auto flag
  • Rules can be based on sender, subject, cc, To and much more
  • Create rules for multiple or single email accounts
Personalized Auto Reply
  • Create a reply template with personalized fields such as first name, organization, email etc
  • Auto reply for out of office, customer queries, quote requests and lots more
Push Notifications
  • Individual email sounds for people or accounts
  • Set general notification schedule or per account
  • Skip notifications for selected email/senders
  • Suspend notifications briefly
  • Link to calendar events for automatic quiet time during meetings or important events
Mail Merge, Mailshots & Personalized Group Email
  • Create custom email templates with contact merge fields such as First name, Last name, Telephone, Organization, Email etc
  • Merge contact details with email templates for targeted mail outs & mail shots
  • Reply to email with templates (even automatically)
  • Send email to multiple contacts in the contact screen
  • Create custom contact groups for mail shots to customers or social groups (contacts can be added to multiple groups)
  • All group emails are personlaized with first name or any other contact info that is required
Delayed email send feature
  • Choose a later time on the same day to send an email
  • Select a later date and time to send
  • Fully automated, email will be sent at the time specified without the need to do anything further
Set reminders for email
  • Quickly file and set a reminders for email by tapping "Later today", "Tomorrow", "In a week" or set a custom date
  • Emails with reminders are filed and no longer show on your inbox (inbox zero feature)
  • Reminders are automatically integrated with your existing calendar with a link back to the email
Flag email
  • Use flags to categorize and file email away from your inbox (inbox zero feature)
  • Customize, rename and create your own flags
  • Set your own images for a flag
  • Full sync of flags with IMAP and exchange accounts with your PC or Mac email
  • Quickly access all of your flagged email using "Smart Folders"
Advanced Attachment Management
  • View and save Office & Pages/Numbers/Keynote, as well as many other attachments and file types
  • Save attachments to the Cloud
  • Convert attachments & files to PDF before sending
  • Attach files to email directly from the Cloud without downloading them first
  • Zip/Unzip files directly on your iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch
  • Share attachments with other apps
  • File sharing attachments with Macs and PCs, even remotely
  • Fully integrated with Evernote
Sophisticated Search
  • Full search for local and server based email - even search across multiple server folders
  • Create and save sophisticated search strings for frequent use
  • Multi-field searching, search using refined strings and dependencies
  • Search on any field, sender, subject, attachments, is read, To, CC, search by date, between dates, email account and much more
  • View the entire history of communication with a contact, by just tapping on the contact
  • All email is automatically filed or archived under each contact
  • Create and edit contact groups for mail merge and mass mail
  • Add or edit contacts from within AltaMail
Total Email Solution
  • Full email editing tools - choose font, colour style, insert images and paste snippets from web pages or other apps
  • Set up web links for certain text when clicked
  • Multiple signatures - either per account or over all accounts
  • Signatures can contain images (even multiple imagers), links as well as have formatted text, font and colour options
  • Multi language spell checker and word suggestions
  • Send files, photos and formatted messages
  • Save emails and attachments as files
  • Quickly view queued, sent and received emails
  • Print email and attachments to ANY printer
Print to All Printers, not just AirPrint
  • Print direct to most WiFi or shared printers
  • Print remotely via 4G/3G or the cloud
  • Print via Google Cloud Print


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